We create sustainable AI

It is crucial for us to create ethical and sustainable AI solutions that have practical applications and solve real business problems.

Data is a key to success

Data determines the final quality of the created AI. That’s why we primarily focus on data quality during our research.

AI for real problems

We know how important it is to create and apply artificial intelligence (AI) in such a way that it addresses the real business issues and challenges of our partners.

Computing efficiency

The business case for using AI is determined not only by its quality but also by its performance speed and the needed infrastructure including mobile and edge devices.

Continuous monitoring

Continuous development and monitoring. We understand that the AI solution needs to be taken care of, even while it is deployed, so that factors such as drift do not reduce its quality of performance.

Working with AI is a continuous process

Creating AI and machine learning solutions requires precision, out-of-the-box ideas and an iterative approach. Numerous factors affect the final quality of the algorithms. Moreover, finding the best solution always involves multiple experiments. Therefore, agile methods, data science working standards such as CRISP-DM and a phase-by-phase approach to developing a solution enable us to mitigate risks and get to a high-value solution more effectively.

Sustainable and ethical AI is our priority

We believe that AI solutions are meant to support people and be created for people – to solve their real-life problems. We ensure that both the process of creating and using AI algorithms and processing the data that feeds them are performed ethically and responsibly.
The environmental aspects of using AI are crucial to us. We know that developing and using algorithms on a large scale impacts the environment. That’s why we support trends such as Green AI, compression of machine learning models, or reducing the computational complexity of AI.

Artificial intelligence is one of the solutions to current social and environmental challenges.

F.A.Q. - our approach to AI

We believe that a solution’s usefulness is determined by the data used to create it. They influence the duration and complexity of the research process, as well as the solution’s quality and sustainability. Without proper, valuable datasets, even the most intelligent algorithm will fail.

They are crucial, and it is worth considering their quality even before the research begins. However, we know how to carry out the process of gathering, acquiring or synthesizing data sets, and we will gladly support you in such a process.

We analyse and work on artificial intelligence for both structured and unstructured data. The problems of computer vision, audio analysis, forecasting and time series analysis, or recommendation systems are just examples of our fields of expertise. All of this and more we can create for you, according to your needs.

We believe that thanks to a sustainable approach we are able to create solutions that are computationally efficient, robust, ethical and actually applicable to real-life challenges. The qualitative and quantitative performance of the solutions is very much on our minds.

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