AI Research

Research and build a tailored AI solution, that can be a core part of your digital product

Apply tailor-made AI

The key to successfully solving your business challenges using AI is properly tailoring artificial intelligence for your specific business scenarios. A customized approach to AI research and development process lets you achieve your business goals and get a solution that can be effectively used, maintained, and enhanced in the long term.

AI needs to be tailor-fit to be useful, robust, and valuable

We will analyze your data, requirements, and business scenarios to create a best-fit solution, optimize your resources’ usage, and ensure that the developed AI is as effective as possible. During our collaboration engagement, we will walk you through the entire range of research work: from analyzing possible scenarios and available data to designing algorithms and creating demonstration applications. 

What we do

We research and develop custom AI solutions based on your needs and requirements. During this engagement, create machine learning pipelines and train deep learning algorithms to solve your business challenges as effectively as possible.

We focus on creating AI that strictly fits your business case and can be smoothly integrated with your digital product to be useful and effective and deliver business value.

We divide our AI research and development process into three types of engagements

Feasibility study

We analyze the business case, analyze requirements, explore the data sources, prepare the proposal of the AI solution, and get a roadmap, estimation, and recommendations. Duration: approx. 1 month


We use data and advanced AI to get the first working solutions you can test as a user. We try different approaches and examine how it supports your product. Duration: 2-4 months


We create your tailor-fit, robust, and efficient AI solution. We make it a part of your digital product and prepare it to work in production. Furthermore, we can maintain and enhance your solution in the long term. Duration: 4+ months

How we create AI software

Data-oriented research

Good quality, balanced and well-designed data sets that strictly correspond to specific AI tasks determine the final solution’s success. We know the data’s importance, and we focus on creating and testing AI solutions using as realistic and well-prepared data as possible.

Usability-first – AI must be functional

Focusing only on publicly available benchmark datasets during the AI performance evaluation is common. However, metrics and test data sets should be selected for the specific business case. Moreover, the overall usability of the entire AI product is the real goal of AI research, more important than a single metric.

Image/video data synthesis

It is often expensive, resource-intensive, and sometimes impossible to obtain proper data for image analysis tasks. An effective way to get tailor-fit, custom datasets is to synthesize data using 3D assets and a graphics engine.

Performance matter

Even the best AI solution will only be functional if its inference speed, throughput, and need for computing resources are optimized for the specific use case, devices, and requirements.

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