AI Research

Redefining your digital products with customized AI solutions


Custom AI Solutions for your Unique Business Needs

Unlock the full potential of AI by creating solutions uniquely suited to your business needs. Our personalized approach to AI research and development creates effective, maintainable, and future-proof solutions


Enhance Your Product, Empower Your Users

AI solutions that are designed to tackle your distinct business challenges and adapt to your unique requirements

Usability-centric approach, focusing on reliable AI that supports users and elevates your product

State-of-the-art Deep Learning for comprehensive analysis of images, videos, 3D data, audio, and process optimization

Mindful AI creation, devoted to ethical practices, fairness, and energy efficiency


AI Tailored for Maximum Effectiveness and Value

Our engagement involves a deep dive into your data, requirements, and business scenarios to develop a finely-tuned solution.

By prioritizing the early phases of the research process, we optimize further resource usage and maximize AI effectiveness. From examining potential scenarios and evaluating available data to designing algorithms and developing demonstration applications, we’ll guide you every step of the way.


AI Research Centered on Your Objectives​

We craft tailored AI solutions that match your needs. Our collaboration involves building machine learning systems to tackle your business challenges. Throughout our collaboration, we build machine learning pipelines and train deep learning algorithms to skillfully address your business challenges.

Feasibility Study

We thoroughly evaluate the business context, examine requirements, probe data sources, and formulate an AI solution outline that includes a roadmap, projections, and recommendations. Duration: about 1 month


Utilizing data and advanced AI we develop preliminary solutions that can be user-tested. We explore diverse approaches and evaluate their effectiveness in supporting your product. Duration: 2-4 months


We create a custom-built, robust, and optimized AI solution that harmonizes with your digital product and sets it up for production. Moreover, we offer ongoing support and improvements. Duration: 4+ months


How We Create AI Software

Data-oriented Research

Successful AI solutions rely on high-quality, balanced, and well-curated data sets tailored to the AI task at hand. We understand the significance of data and concentrate on developing and testing AI solutions using the most accurate and carefully prepared data possible.

Prioritizing Usability – Functional AI is Key

It's not uncommon to focus on publicly available benchmark datasets when evaluating AI performance. However, selecting metrics and test data sets tailored to the specific business case is essential. Above all, the ultimate goal of AI research is to achieve excellent usability for the entire digital product, which is far more important than a single metric.

Creating Custom Image/Video Data through Synthesis

Obtaining suitable data for image analysis tasks can be costly, resource-intensive, or even impossible at times. A practical solution for acquiring custom, tailor-fit datasets is synthesizing data using 3D assets and a graphics engine.

Enhancing AI Functionality through Performance

To achieve full functionality, an AI solution needs to have its inference speed, throughput, and computing resource needs to be adjusted to match the unique use case, devices, and requirements. Aiming for optimal performance ensures that your AI solution is efficient, effective, and meets your needs.

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