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Experience the ease of diatom analysis with our AI-powered web application. Discover how Diatomiq streamlines the entire process, making it more accessible and efficient

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Automatically Detect and Extract Diatoms

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Diatoms are Essential for Assessing Ecosystem Health

Diatoms – microscopic algae – serve as vital indicators of water quality, offering insights into environmental health. Computing multimetric diatom indexes helps assess pollution levels and human impact on aquatic ecosystems.

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AI Solution that Assists Researchers

long diatom detailed image
Extracted diatoms from the microscopic image

AI tool that detect and extract diatoms

Photo of the microscope

Enhance your research efficiency

Diatomiq interface component for diatom identification

Easier diatom identification and counting

Interface component for the Mutlimertic Diatom Index value presentation

Simpler calculation of diatom indexes

A person collecting samples from the river

Toward Automated Diatom Identification and Index Calculation

Diatoms detection and extraction is our first step. We aim to achieve effortless automation for diatom identification, laying the foundation for fast and precise calculation of diatom indexes using advanced AI technology.

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Dataset used for the research: Kloster, M., Burfeid-Castellanos, A. M., & Beszteri, B. (2022). Slide scans of diatom preparations from river Menne [Data set]. Zenodo. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7078938

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